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Activate Insurance

At Activate Development, our commitment to excellence extends to every facet of our services, and our insurance division is no exception.


We have assembled a dedicated team within our Insurance Group, strategically designed to operate in collaboration among its members. This collaborative approach is instrumental in minimizing disruptions and establishing a streamlined process for handling insurance claims.

Our Insurance Group stands as a testament to our holistic perspective on property management. By bringing together professionals with diverse skills and expertise, we ensure that each claim is handled with the utmost care and efficiency. This collaboration allows us to navigate through complexities, providing our clients with a seamless experience during what can often be a challenging time.

Moreover, our commitment to public and property safety is paramount. The Makesafe team takes the lead in ensuring immediate safety measures and creating a secure environment for all. Once this critical phase is addressed, our Restoration and Building teams seamlessly take over, utilising their expertise to repair and restore the property to its original state meticulously.


This comprehensive approach underscores our dedication to resolving issues and restoring properties to their pre-incident condition, ensuring the well-being of our clients and the longevity of their assets.

Make Safe

Activate Development has a dedicated make-safe team to address unpredictable events like weather damage, burst pipes, or building defects. Our 24/7 operational model ensures constant readiness, allowing our teams to swiftly respond and secure properties in the aftermath of events such as impact, weather incidents, fire, and related emergencies.

Connected day or night, our extensive network links to a variety of specialist trades, ensuring the appropriate service for each unique situation. Equipped with essential safety gear, tools, and materials, our vehicles are prepared to address a wide range of domestic and commercial emergency scenarios across Australia. Trust Makesafe Builders for immediate and effective property safety solutions, available around the clock.

Insurance Specialist Reports

Activate Development offers a diverse range of services to restore your home after unforeseen incidents. Our specialized reports play a crucial role in expediting the insurance claims process.

UnA specialist report is vital evidence supporting your insurance claim, particularly when a specific trade-related, non-invasive test is required to validate the actual cause of damage. Our experts assess the damage, determine its cause and provide a comprehensive report. This detailed documentation aids in substantiating your insurance claim, outlining the extent of damage and necessary restoration steps.

We pride ourselves on efficiency. Specialist reports are typically attended to and submitted within four days, ensuring a swift process, though timelines may vary for major events like flooding or storms.

Benefit from our network of highly skilled tradespeople, and experts in identifying and validating safety risks. Our thorough reports, covering a range of damage types from leak detection to flood tests, contribute to substantiating your insurance claim efficiently. Trust Activate Development for meticulous and timely specialist reports.

Assements & Estimates

Navigating the aftermath of property damage is challenging. At Activate Development, we ease the process with our expert "evaluation report" service, dedicated to simplicity and efficiency.

Our qualified experts conduct on-site assessments, evaluating damaged areas and surroundings. The resulting report outlines damages and identifies potential maintenance issues affecting repairs, such as gutter clearing to prevent roof floods.

The assessment report articulates the scope of work required for repairs, providing evidence for insurance claims. Our assessors, with backgrounds in insurance and construction, deliver thorough reports and recommendations, instilling confidence in your decision-making.

Our assessors, friendly and knowledgeable, ensure you fully comprehend your situation. They guide you through the process, offering reassurance and clarity.

At Activate Development, we prioritize simplicity, efficiency, and peace of mind throughout the assessment and insurance estimate process.

Insurance REpairs

W empathize with the challenges posed by unforeseen damages to your home. Our dedicated insurance repairs service is committed to providing comprehensive care.


Our team pledges to:

  • Restore Your Property: We ensure your property returns to its original condition, prioritizing precision and quality.

  • Smooth and Stress-Free Experience: Expect a seamless and stress-free journey as we guide you through every step of the repair process.

  • Expert Navigation of Insurance Claims: As an approved repair partner for leading Australian insurance companies, we adeptly navigate your insurance claim, ensuring a hassle-free experience.


Our Process:

  1. Initial Contact: Our friendly team reaches out, asking essential questions to deliver the best service. Expect contact from a private number.

  2. Assessment by Specialists: Our specialist assessors thoroughly inspect your property, providing a detailed report to your insurer.

  3. Network of Trades: Leveraging our extensive trade network, we collaborate to find optimal solutions for your repairs.

  4. Comprehensive Report Submission: We submit a detailed report with quotes to your insurer for approval.

  5. Dedicated Project Manager: Upon approval, you're partnered with a Project Manager who oversees the entire repair project.

  6. Completion and Normalcy: Your home is now ready for you to resume normal life.

Comprehensive Assessments: Our expert team conducts detailed inspections, offering transparent assessments to keep you informed throughout the repair process.

Quality Workmanship: Partnering exclusively with top-tier trades and services, we prioritize your home's restoration with utmost care and precision.

Minimizing Disruption: Aiming to minimize disruption to your daily life, our process is designed for clarity, keeping you well-informed and confident.

Lifetime Guarantee: Completing repairs through our licensed insurance builders may qualify you for a lifetime guarantee. Speak to our team for peace of mind that lasts a lifetime.

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